Bose Sound Bar

We’re an authorized Bose dealer in Houston and have installed quite a few of the new Bose Sound Bar systems so far. Give us a call and see if it will work for your house!

Bose sound bar

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Custom Created App: Whole Home Audio, Video, and Lighting Control

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RTI Control System App to control pool & outdoor audio and video

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Sony BDP-570 Blu-Ray Great Buy Around $200 (with Glee!!)

About a month ago, I received a phone call from my older brother asking me about a possible problem with his DVD player. He had just moved and was trying to reconnect his electronics without much success. sony blu ray bdp 570

I’m not sure how old the DVD player was, but knowing my brother, it was probably considerably older than my six year old daughter and younger than, well…..dirt?

It seems the component video was no longer working and the S-video was shot as well. After figuring out that one of the pins of his S-Video cable had broken, he connected via composite video and stated “that’s good enough!” After hanging up, I thought to myself, “I gotta get him a Blu-Ray!” (After all, what good is it to being the AV bussiness, if I can’t help out my own brother that has does so much for me.)

He had purchased a Panasonic 50″ plasma television a year ago and the thought of anything being connected to it via composite video was bordering on sacreligious. If not for him, for my two nieces! Fast forward to this weekend when my daughter, my son (5 months old and already using the remote – as a teething ring), and myself were going to stay the weekend. It was the perfect opportunity to get them one!

I was already picking up a couple of SONY BDP-570 for a client, so I figured I’ll pick them one up too. I have used the BDP-570 in the past, and along with a host of other features, it had built-in wireless capabilities. I normally hard-wire network components for clients when possible, but not knowing my brothers exact network configuration this would be a plus.

After connecting the player to the display the SONY prompted to complete a Quick Set-Up. A few selections and we were ready to move on to the network set-up. After selecting “wireless” under the Network tab, the next step was to search for our preferred network and enter the security key. The SONY found the network with ease and was getting a relatively robust signal considering its proximity to the router.

So, it was on to the firmware update. It has been a rule of mine to update the firmware on all of my personal A/V equipment as well as clients before proceeding any further. This insures that you have the latest firmware and features available, but also that you don’t perform various other menu settings only to have them lost.

The update took a modest 10 minutes and after rebooting it was on to the fun stuff! I informed my nieces, much to their delight, that the player had several of latest and greatest apps including – Youtube, Netflix, and Pandora to name a few. My youngest niece dashed to her cell when I told we had to activate the player and sync it with her Pandora account. Without any instruction, other than me calling the activation code and website, we were up and running in minutes.

And as I soon found out, GLEE is an available genre on Pandora. I went on to show them Netflix and some of the other features. Over the weekend we watched several movies and it seemed every time I walked in the room there was a capella version of a Journey song or some other remake of an 80’s rocker. There were a couple of hiccups while streaming movies from Netflix, but all in all, I would say it was a hit and I would recommend the SONY BDP-570 to anyone who is looking for a reasonably priced Blu-Ray Player with latest Apps and wireless connectivity.

At the end of the day if its about smile quotas, the SONY BDP-570 was worth its weight in gold!

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