Installation & Service

Even if you didn’t purchase your systems from Ingenious, we can help you install or troubleshoot on an hourly basis.

Messy wires and cables driving your wife nuts? We’re experts at eliminating the messy appearance of loose wires!

We’ll professionally mount your new flat screen so it won’t fall off the wall or come crashing down from the ceiling. We can help you install speakers throughout your entire home to create a seamless flow of sound, or set up audio to maximize the effect of video games or home theater.

Is your Surround Sound not performing the way it should?

Did your TV look better in the showroom than it does at home? Are you not able to work your system? If you did not have your home theater system installed by a competent professional, you may not be getting the performance you paid for.

Let Ingenious AV inspect and optimize your current system with our Home Theater Tune Up Service:

We will:

  • Inspect interconnects to make sure the best possible connection is being utilized
  • Configure individual components via set up menus
  • Check speaker levels and distances
  • Run video tune up to maximize video quality
  • Explain the current state of the system and make suggestions to improve system performance

*Additional parts and labor extra

Contact us at 713-384-2366 for a complimentary in-home or in-office consultation to discuss your dreams. We’re always happy to meet with you and provide references, and we’ll drive just about anywhere, from the Houston area to the Hill Country, or the Gulf Coast. Just give us a call!