Outdoor Audio

Outdoor patio speakers and poolside audio systems are an important fixture for Houston homeowners. Ingenious has a wide variety of experience with outdoor audio needs and can help you choose from speakers that look like rocks to waterproof and weatherproof systems that can remain outdoors and hold up to the difficult Houston climate.

Ingenious Audio & Video has years of experience with the following types of outdoor audio systems:

  • Outdoor Audio Design
  • Poolside Speakers
  • Rock Speakers
  • Waterproof Audio Systems
  • Weatherproof Sound Systems

Music can completely transform your outdoor experience, whether you’re having a party or just dinner with your family on the patio.

All-weather outdoor speakers are not affected by the elements and can deliver excellent stereo sound on your patio or deck, in your garden, by your pool or throughout your yard.

A wide variety of options are available, just a few are shown here:

rockustics rock speakers houston
Rock Speakers by Rockustics are the industry favorite for outdoor speakers that look like natural rocks and have excellent sound quality. These speakers are perfect for backyards, gardens, hot tub, and patio areas. We carry all of the Rockustics products, including the Rocquette, the Pavarocci, the PunkRock, and more.

niles rock speakers houston

The 8″ Dual Tweeter Speckled Granite Rock Speaker
by Niles Audio is made from injection-molded TCC (talc, carbon, and ceramic) filled polypropylene. This rock speaker is incredibly durable, completely weatherproof, and delivers exceptional sound quality.

All of the Patio Speakers that we carry at Ingenious Audio & Video are designed to withstand all types of Houston weather and will blend and beautify your patio decor.