Universal Remote Control

universal remote control houstonDo you have two or more remote controls and hate the clutter of multiple remotes?

Ingenious A/V (aka THE Remote CONTROL FREAK) can consolidate all of those unsightly remotes onto ONE attractive, easy to use remote control.

Do you want to simplify the use of your electronics?

Ingenious A/V can program your new remote to perform several task/ commands at the single touch of a button. Ex ; One button ON , One button OFF

Do you want to hide all of your unsightly electronic equipment?

By adding a Infared Red repeater or RF base All electronics can be controlled without line of sight from up to 100ft away

Do you want to actually use the advanced features of your electronic equipment?

Ingenious A/V can customize your new remote to simplify for the way you WATCH, LISTEN, and LIVE… including favorite TV channels, radio stations, lighting levels…


Control more than just the cable box . Ingenious A/V can program your new remote to control lighting, thermostats, security cameras, get stock quotes and more.


RTI T2-Cs Special

rti t2cs special houston texasThe modern media room needs a remote control that can do it all – provide reliable control of the entire system while remaining easy to use.

The T2-Cs answers the call with a customizable color display and the perfect assortment of hard buttons for frequently used functions. The T2-Cs is
loaded with unique features like a three-way rocker switch that allows the user to scroll through music lists or navigate on-screen menus on the media room TV.

The stylish design of the T2-Cs has been created to complement the d├ęcor of any home. Sleek and perfectly balanced, the T2-Cs is smaller and more ergonomic than any color touchscreen remote available.

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