Whole House Audio

Whole House Audio and Multi-Room Sound Systems

Whole House Audio entertainment systems can create the perfect lifestyle in your new or existing home with sounds so clear, it’s like you are in the front row, no matter what room you are in.

Your custom music server, satellite radio, and other media are custom configured and positioned for exceptional listening pleasure and accessible from everywhere. Individual room controls allow for diverse listening tastes.

Volume & Setting Controls

From a simple volume control to a 6.4″ In-Wall Touch Screen, and many levels in between, Ingenious A/V has the products that allow you to enjoy music in any room of your house or outdoors.

Music & Video Servers

The award winning Escient FireBall Digital Music Manager is now available at a more affordable price – $999! You get the same great features as the current FireBall Music Managers, including:

  • Easy to use on-screen interface
  • 80GB of music storage
  • Automatic disc recognition
  • Built-in CD-RW drive
  • FREE Internet Radio
  • Network file sharing
  • Web browser control and streaming
  • Multi-zone support
  • Several new features such as a PDA web interface, WMA audio, Shoutcast Internet Radio, gapless song playback, enhanced widescreen user interface, and the ability to “skin” the interface for the ultimate customization for your customers – all at a new low price.

The FireBall SE-80 is the perfect solution for entry-level single room and IR based multi-room distributed music installations

Now available from Escient, the pioneer of home theater DVD storage and management, the affordable FireBall SE-D1 DVD and CD Changer Manager. Imagine instant access to any DVD movie or CD without leaving the couch. Coupled with the 400 disc Sony DVP-CX777ES DVD/CD changer, the Escient FireBall SE-D1 makes storing, browsing, and enjoying your movie and music collection as easy as changing channels on your TV.No more fumbling though disc boxes, looking for missing discs, or worrying about scratched discs. Let the Escient FireBall SE-D1 store, protect, and manage all of your DVD and CD discs through it’s easy to use on-screen TV display.

With a capacity for 400 discs, the Sony DVP-CX777ES can store and access an entire library of music, movies, concert videos and home videos recorded onto DVD. You can browse your discs alphabetically by title, file them by genre or scan them by tray position, using the on-screen display. The DVP-CX777ES also boasts the phenomenal performance of a 12-bit/216 MHz video D/A converter and Sony’s Precision Cinema Progressive design.

With MediaMax your entire home will come to life. Not just a movie or music server but a total multimedia experience at your fingertips. Get instant 6 star Hotel room service with features no other Media Server offers including True 1080p Blu-ray movies, CD, MP3 music, digital photos, Internet Radio and NetPlayâ„¢ Web services.

MediaMax eliminates the frustration of trying to play scratched Blu-ray/DVD/CD discs and the time spent searching for your favorite movies, songs or photos. Now you can instantly enjoy your entire media collection in any room at any time.

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